How It Works

Our Unique Technology

All of our bags are engineered with a special combination of layers of different materials and sealant to allow an efficient heating process. Our steam vent is designed to exhaust enough steam to maintain the heating process with high intensity and safe conditions.

Watch OMEALS demo in action, from tearing open the bag, adding the water and a close up of the steam in action. OMEALS 3/5 rule – so easy, so fast, so yummy good!

28g protein Beef in Black Bean Sauce – all the goodness of a home cooked meal in 5 minutes! Affordable, delicious, fast and nutritious.

Hear directly from an OMEALS fan, sitting on the river enjoying a hot OMEALS!

Never freeze dried food. OMEALS fan fishing and enjoying a delicious chicken creole. It’s so rewarding to see our meals being enjoyed!

OMEALS works with only 3 to 5 oz of ANY LIQUID: Sea or River Water, Beer, Coffee ….. and this means ANYTHING

OMEALS Heating Technology allows to have a HOT MEAL in 3 to 5 minutes no matter where we are

Just after 5 minutes, we can have a FULLY COOKED - HOME STYLE MEAL ready to enjoy Anywhere, Anytime.

Each package of OMEALS contains: