Autumn Outdoor Bucket List

The change of seasons can often times come with a fresh desire to try something new! As fall arrives, don’t submerge that longing to get outside and do something different. Here at OMEALS, we encourage individuals to figure out what makes them feel alive and go after that. If you are itching for an adventure, we have some exciting ways to get active, get outside, and enjoy the fall weather.

Autumn Outdoor Bucket List

First on our list is GEOCACHING – have you tried this yet? Geocaching is a global phenomenon where people search for treasure, and it can be the perfect new activity to get involved in – no matter your age. Kids and adults alike have dove into this hobby and have had a blast doing so. Finding these hidden stashes of objects relies on your ability to hunt them down based off of the GPS coordinates that you were given. There are various websites and apps that give you locations of caches so you can dive into the hunt – wherever you may be located. Geocaching works by the principal of “take something, leave something” so seekers will take some treasures along with them on their journey to exchange for things that they found and enjoyed.

Next, let’s find somewhere completely new to explore. This fall, as the weather gets cooler, discovering a new hike, park, or walking spot can inspire you to get outside your comfort zone. Do you tend to be a creature of habit? Take the challenge with us! Find a new place to explore each week this month. It can be close to home or a travel destination, but wherever you choose, spend some time and live in the moment. We recommend state and national parks as a great place to begin!

Nothing says fall like pumpkin & apple treats, but have you ever picked them yourself? The grocery stores will be all stocked up, but there is something much more special about making a day outing out of picking your own autumn favorites. You can find local farms and orchards that will allow you to come out & browse through their beautiful harvest and this family friendly activity makes memories that you will look back on for a lifetime.

We oftentimes associate water sports with the warmer months, but this time of year is an excellent time for boating or kayaking! Since it’s not generally as hot and sunny, you can enjoy the great outdoors with some hot cider or cocoa in your thermos and a hoodie on – allowing you to spend the day taking it all in. The cool autumn air is welcoming & inviting.

With every adventure, no matter how big or small, OMEALS is the perfect companion. With tons of flavors to choose from – and breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert varieties – there is a meal for every occasion. Our meals are great for on-the-go because OMEALS do not require any extra supplies. Everything you need is inside the pouch and any liquid will activate the heating pad to heat the food. Our meals are also delicious & crave worthy – homestyle meals and never freeze dried. We know that you will love having them along with you on any journey you take.

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