Reducing Air Pollution with OMEALS

It may come as a surprise to some that campfires do in fact cause air pollution. When wood burns, it releases various compounds – including nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, benzene, and many other potentially toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For those who are trying to minimize their carbon footprint, then you are likely aware of … Read moreReducing Air Pollution with OMEALS

Why Re-Hydrate? Choose Fully Cooked!

Good food is something that people everywhere can rally around. When planning a camping trip or a day on the water, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good food. It has long been known that camping meals and outdoor food brands were just going to be subpar to the food we generally know and enjoy – but that has changed. OMEALS is the only fully cooked, non-freeze dried meal that self-heats! No more having to decide between dehydrated, bland, and less nutritious meals. With our flameless heating technology and our fully cooked foods, you won’t have to settle anymore.

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Save A Park With One Less Spark

In 2018, 89% of forest fires were caused by humans (Source: When we think about that statistic, we know that we can do better. The United States is home to 700 million acres of forest land. These beautiful areas are home to incredible wildlife, the focus of many excursions by nature enthusiasts, and breathtaking camping and hiking spots. As a team of outdoor lovers, it’s important for us to create and use a product that allows you maximum convenience, but doesn’t cause risk to the environment. Wildfires can be prevented & here at OMEALS if there is anything that we can do to help initiate change and awareness, then we are here to do so.

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Why We Do What We Do


It’s a complex question, but with a relatively simple answer. Why does OMEALS exist & why do we do what we do? In short: for you! Life is full of adventures & we are continually inspired by your love of nature and exploration. Just like you, we are passionate about the time spent doing whatever it is that makes us feel alive. OMEALS exists for the everyday adventurer and for the experienced athlete. We want to be the meal that offers you delicious food, as conveniently as possible.

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