Heating Our Meals: All About NXH Heating Technology

One of the most common questions that we get is about how we heat our meals, safely and quickly. OMEALS are unique because of their ability to self heat – which is a game changer in the outdoor food space. Imagine never having to pack a jet boil, extra clean water, a pot, or silverware ever again. With our NXH Heating Technology, you can have a hot and ready, homestyle meal on the go, at home, in your car, in your tent, in your office, or anywhere that you get hungry! We are proud to share our meals with you, for so many reasons, but the ease and safety factor of our heating pads are definitely high on that list. Want to learn more about how we heat our meals? Here’s some more information regarding our unique tech:


Heating Our Meals: All About NXH Heating Technology


  1. Safe to use indoors – this is a big one! Not all MRE’s and self heating foods are safe to breathe in & need to be ventilated. With our system, you can be confident that you are safe from harmful fumes or chemicals. Plus, the ability to heat your meal up in a confined space just makes our meals that much more versatile.
  2. Not flammable – whew! With no fire needed and our product that is not flammable, we have drastically reduced the risk of forest fires! OMEALS are a great choice for areas where there is a fire ban.
  3. Odorless – No one wants to smell something funky while waiting for their meal to heat up. With our odorless heating pad, your appetite will not be spoiled. The only smell you’ll be experiencing is the delicious homestyle meals getting hot for you.
  4. Certified Non-Toxic – being no-toxic is extremely important to us since these meals will be accompanying you on your daily adventures, family trips, and more. We are sure that you can be confident in your decision to bring us along.
  5. No magnesium & no hydrogen – these can play a role in becoming toxic and flammable but since we keep them out of our product, you won’t have to worry about their effects.
  6. You can safely dispose of the liquid – anywhere! No need to carry around any sort of byproduct with you.

The choice to make OMEALS a part of your day should be one that comes without hesitation and we hope that our breakdown of our NXH heating technology makes that choice even more clear. We love being a part of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and feel honored to do life alongside you! Haven’t tried a meal yet? What are you waiting for!?

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