Tips To Packing Light While Camping

Whether you are setting out for your first camping trip or your 20th trip, finding ways to bring a lighter pack are always helpful. Generally speaking, whatever you pack for your camping trip must be carried to the campsite, so packing light reduces your burden. Here are tips for packing light while camping.

Make a Plan

Rather than just throw things in a bag and hope for the best, make a plan. Consider what you will be doing on the trip, where you will be camping, who you will be going with, and then make a plan for how you will pack. Consider pooling items that everyone will need and then distributing them evenly so each person is only carrying some of the common-use items. Planning ahead will also help you decide how many changes of clothes you’ll need, how many meals you’ll need, and put together a list of any other necessities. 

Tips To Packing Light While Camping

Pack Lighter Weight, Dark Clothes

The quickest way to weigh down your pack is to bring several pairs of jeans on your camping trip. Denim will weigh you down! Instead consider packing dry-fit or cotton clothes which are more lightweight. Once you have found dry-fit or cotton clothes, choose colors that can better hide stains and therefore be worn longer. Packing three white t-shirts for your trip will quickly ensure that everyone knows just how long you’ve worn the shirt. 

Bring Packaged Foods

Packaged foods provide a number of nutritional benefits, but they will also help lighten the load. These packaged foods can be eaten straight from the pouch or packaging, which means you don’t need to carry heavy cooking tools and equipment with you. Instead, you only need to carry the food in your pack. OMEALS are perfect for packing light because everything you need is inside! You don’t even need extra liquid – just use what you find on the trail! 

Skip the Luxury Items

While it can be tempting to want to bring along items that will make you as comfortable as possible on your trip, bringing these items may actually defeat the purpose of camping. Skip luxury items like heating lamps, or large fans, and stick to the essentials. Bring simply the most basic hygiene necessities (you can skip the ten steps of your skin care regimen for a couple nights), a sleeping bag, basic clothing, and the needed food. 

Choose a Lightweight Pack

You can use all the above tips to reduce the weight of what you are bringing on the camping trip, but if you still use a heavy backpack, your load will slow you down. Instead consider selecting a compact, lightweight backpack.

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